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Rashvin is a renowned tech enthusiast and serial entrepreneur who is committed to creating cleaner and smarter solutions for sustainable living. With over 15 years of industry experience, he founded the Clean Energy venture Electa Energy Pvt Ltd in 2018, which has been recognized under the Government of India start-up program since 2020.

Rashvin’s passion for innovation and sustainable technology began in his school days when he designed his first EV (a two-wheeler) in 2002. Despite being unsuccessful, his dream of creating electric vehicles was ahead of its time, even before the Silicon Valley start-up, Tesla Motors, dreamed of creating a 200-mile range electric supercar. Today, Rashvin is leading Electa Energy’s ESS and EV developments, contributing significantly to the company’s success.

Aside from his contributions to Electa Energy, Rashvin is also a mentor to many start-ups and DIY enthusiasts, sharing his knowledge and expertise to inspire and empower others to make a positive impact on the world. His experience and insights have made him a respected figure in the industry, and his leadership and guidance have helped many aspiring entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

In summary, Rashvin is an accomplished and visionary entrepreneur with a deep passion for creating sustainable technology solutions. He is a respected leader in the industry, with a proven track record of success in developing innovative clean energy technologies. Rashvin’s dedication to his work and commitment to mentoring others has earned him a reputation as an influential figure in the sustainable technology community.

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