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Every product is a creative commitment towards society.

Secret of successful product

Make it simple, sustainable & accessible. That's it.

Rashvin is a tech enthusiast and series entrepreneur focused on a cleaner and smarter solutions for living. With over 15 years of industry experience, He started the Clean Energy venture Electa Energy Pvt Ltd in 2018 and came under the Government of India startup program by 2020. His first EV design was in 2002 after his school with induction motors and basic but complex electrical designs, it wasn’t a successful one but it was his dream even before the majority never thought of the second boom of Electrical Vehicles after Toyota produced the first hybrid car Prius in 2000 and before silicon valley startup Tesla motors dream about 200-mile range supercar. Today he is leading Electa Energy’s ESS & EV developments and mentor to many startups and DIY enthusiasts.

What I do

An amazing minds worked behind each element you see around…

If you are interested to discuss about your project or an idea, Shoot an email to me@rashvin.com.